Research shows that learning outcomes are far improved when instruction is personalized to student needs and aspirations. As students come to expect a more personalized approach to learning, many education institutions have opted to stay ahead of the curve and adopt technologies to keep learners engaged and motivated. Yet, barriers persist that inhibit a truly scalable personalized environment. For example, only 10% of gen-ed courses currently use digital courseware.

This is why we are pleased to announce our partnership with Fishtree, the first productivity and learning platform offered to K-12 and higher ed institutions, whose single mission is to help educators provide personalized digital courseware to all students. Fishtree at its core is a productivity platform that enables teachers, instructional designers, and administrators to author and share digital courseware, and curate the best resources from a range of content—licensed, OER, user-generated— that is then measured by its effectiveness on student outcomes. At the same time, Fishtree uses proprietary algorithms to align courseware to any learning outcomes, standards, subject, or competencies.

Fishtree’s user-friendly platform requires little training, giving educators more time with their students, and provides robust assessment and analytics tools to instantly measure learning outcomes. Fishtree is available to Blackboard users directly through Blackboard Learn™ using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specifications. Now, students and educators can access Fishtree from their Blackboard Learn courses without having to log in to a separate platform, saving time and frustration.

We invite you to learn more about how Fishtree is helping K-12 and higher education institutions scale personalized digital courseware through their unique productivity platform. Learn more or visit

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