Today’s K-12 learners are different from the students their parents were when they were in school. They’re more tech-savvy, mobile, and flexible when it comes to how and where they learn. Over the last 15-20 years the learning management system has been helping districts evolve with these students—and help them thrive.

Identifying the right learning management system for your district can be daunting and complex. Check out the at-a-glance guide below to get started, and click here to view a text alternative.

Then download our full guide to learn about what the right K-12 LMS can—and should—do for your district.

6 must-haves to finding the right learning management system



So you know you need a learning management system for your district, but what is the best way to find the right LMS?

Here are 6 must-haves to finding the right learning management system. The right LMS must:

  1. Support growing districts: Scalable solutions must evolve with teachers’ needs and changing standards.
  2. Center on students: Engage with tech savvy, mobile learners. Surveys of K-12 learners today indicate that 71% of 9th – 12th graders check grades and post homework online, while 58% complete schoolwork online. And 60% of 3rd – 5th graders wish for anywhere online access.
  3. Ensure accessibility: Think equal educational opportunity for all students. A truly accessible LMS offers closed captioning, screen reader support, improved keyboard navigation, accelerator key, class recordings and broadcast.
  4. Evolve with learners: Move with the speed of new educational technology. Thanks to technology—61% of 3rd – 5th graders feel more creative and 54% of 9 – 12th graders feel more in control of their learning.
  5. Integrate Digital Content: Grow partnerships with technical and digital content providers such as Discovery Education, Blended Schools Network, and CK-12.
  6. Promote long-term success: Continue training and teacher professional development to ensure student success. The right LMS provider will offer: complimentary and on-demand professional development, materials to support classroom creativity and synchronous learning capabilities, and a long-term partnership that supports and inspires innovation.



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