Guest blog post by Jenn Tierney Sveigdalen, Blackboard Administrator and Cup-O-Blackboard blogger

Terry Patterson’s Blackboard Learn Administration book filled a huge gap between the vendor documentation and the needs of the New Blackboard System Administrator!  No where does there exist a more comprehensive set of “How to” instructions, nor a better single source of the “Why to.”

Experienced Blackboard Administrators will tell you that Blackboard is a finicky animal and the care and feeding of such can be a precarious position.  Learning to manage the system is not trivial and it is often accomplished through trial and error.  Thankfully, there is now a usable manual for the uninitiated!

Patterson begins, as expected, with the basics of setting up the Learn system, filling in the questions a new administrator won’t be able to find anywhere else.  But, he informs beyond the simple install steps and delves into the full tasks of administration including what I believe are the most important points: Processes and Maintenance.

It’s been a long time since I was a new Blackboard Admin and every bit of knowledge I now possess was gained through many (wasted!) hours of research, parsing of listservs, phone calls to other institutions and pestering Blackboard Support.  Patterson pulls his repertoire together in one reference and how-to guide aimed at making even an experienced Blackboard Learn Administrator more successful with Learn administration tasks.

After nearly 7 years of administering Blackboard Learn, I still found several sections with fresh perspective and new instruction. Patterson really shows his expertise in his section entitled “Security, Reporting, and Configuration in Blackboard Learn.” He explores issues that are not strictly Blackboard Learn, but are absolutely needed information for the Learn Administrator.

Overall, this book has critical value for a new Blackboard Learn Administrator (both GUI Administrator as well as Application Administrator) as well as significant value the more seasoned Blackboard Learn Administrator.  This book should be on the shelf of every Blackboard Administrator.  For its purpose, this book unequivocally rolls a six.

Get the book here:

Going to BbWorld 2013? Get a signed copy by Terry Patterson on Wednesday, July 10 1PM Pacific Time in Booth 507 in the Exhibit Hall.

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