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Extreme Makeover: Blackboard.com Edition



Who doesn’t enjoy a great makeover story? I know I do. That’s why I wanted to share the story of our recent Blackboard.com makeover. 

We’ve been hard at work the past six months creating a new and improved Blackboard.com. With input from clients and employees, we’ve built a better user experience, created a platform to showcase our beautiful products, and worked to tell the story of how Blackboard impacts learners, educators, and institutions around the globe throughout the new site.

So, what makes the new Blackboard.com better?

  • First, we’ve simplified the navigation to improve the overall user experience. You will notice a distinctly different navigational experience. It’s simpler and more responsive, enabling you to find what you’re looking for easily and quickly, all while discovering new offerings.
  • Second, to enhance the simplified navigation experience, we are using color more sparingly and with greater purpose moving forward. Our new website better utilizes white space and reserves color to truly highlight the content we want to bring front and center.
  • Third, we’ve also introduced some subtle variation in our “Call-to-Action” (CTA) button styles. With our new site, we’ve removed many of the bright yellow buttons and softened our approach and introduced a few more “friendlier” color options to our web palette with slightly rounded corners to provide more subtle options.

Wait, there’s more! We’ve also re-designed the site to better showcase the functionality and beauty of our products.

  • We’ve added vibrant and engaging images of our products, placing them front and center.
  • You’ll also find our products displayed in action throughout the site with product animations and videos incorporated throughout.

And, it’s now much easier to access free product trials from any page. We love our products and so will you! Try them and see!

We didn’t stop with the visual changes. In response to direct feedback from our clients that we should use the site to “tell the story of how you can use Blackboard to empower people in their lives,” we’ve made a concerted effort to incorporate relevant testimonials, videos, and success stories to demonstrate Blackboard’s impact around the globe.

  • Telling that story starts on our new home page with a cool, new video embedded in the header showcasing Blackboard’s global impact.
  • Each product page includes relevant testimonials and stories that tell our clients’ stories.
  • And, we’ve added a number of new dedicated success story pages to showcase the impact our products are having around the world.

We are excited for you to check out  the new Blackboard.com for yourself. We’ve built a better experience for you, created a showcase for our products and services, and woven the story of our clients and global impact throughout the fabric of the site. To make the experience a bit more fun, complete the “Extreme Makeover: Blackboard.com Edition” Scavenger Hunt while exploring our new site for a chance to win a prize and let us know what you think!