The K-12 community has spoken. According to the latest Speak Up survey, parents, principals and community members are leveraging digital tools to increase school-to-home communication. Check out the infographic below (or text alternative) for highlights from this year’s community engagement research report released by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow.

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Trends in Community Engagement Infographic

Infographic text:

Trends in Community Engagement

Parents and school principals are leveraging digital tools and resources to support higher levels of parental engagement and more efficient communications.

Discover how and why by checking out highlights from this year’s 2016 community engagement report:

Did you know…?

  • In 64 percent of families with school-aged children, both the mother and the father are employed outside the home.[i] In single parent homes, that percentage jumps to 75 percent for mothers and 81 percent for fathers.

Which means…

  • The majority of parents cannot stop by the classroom during the school day for an informal talk with their child’s teacher or even attend a teacher-parent conference if it is held during a typical workday.

Did you know…?

  • Only 58 percent of parents of school-aged children carried a smartphone in 2010.
  • Now, 94 percent of parents are smartphone users.

Which means…

  • Communication methods that can be read via smartphone are more important than ever. In fact, 87 percent of parents indicated that a personal email was the most effective vehicle for communicating with them about their child.

Principals should continue to place a premium on high-touch digital communications experiences.

  • Currently, 80 percent of principals are using personal phone calls to connect with parents.
  • 78 percent of principals are sending personal emails to parents.

Did you know…?

  • Principals who have implemented blended learning place a high value on a similar set of digital communications tools, such as text messaging, school portals, school or district Facebook accounts, mobile apps and more, to both share information with parents, and to engage those same parents in their child’s learning.

Which means…

  • Two-thirds of school principals now want new teachers to be proficient in using digital tools such as social media apps for communications with parents and students.

Source: Federal Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015.

Source: Project Tomorrow, 2016. Trends in Digital Learning: How K-12 Leaders are Empowering Personalized Learning in America’s Schools.



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