Students are becoming more influential – and vocal – about the types of tools and resources they need to be successful. They want their schools to implement solutions that make their campus life easier, enjoyable, convenient, and ultimately, more successful.

And we are dedicated to helping universities do just that: create the best educational experience for their students– both inside and outside of the classroom–with the most innovative technologies available in the market.

Today, I am very excited to announce our latest acquisition that helps us continue to deliver on this goal.

We have acquired CardSmith, the leading provider of cloud-based campus card solutions. CardSmith will join our Blackboard Transact portfolio of solutions and strengthen the holistic experience we provide in navigating life on and off campus: getting into secure buildings and facilities; paying for books, meals, and laundry; and accessing campus events through a wave or tap of their smart card.

As cloud infrastructures become more mature and cloud deployment more widely adopted, it has forced the campus transaction industry to evolve and expand. This same concept drove our announcement at BbWorld of the public cloud delivery of our teaching and learning environment. Today’s news allows us to increase the flexibility and choice we provide institutions: from the front end of card technology to the back end of managed services and support. Whether cloud, locally hosted, managed internally, or outsourced to Blackboard, we can now offer them the best mix of technology that will help drive their vision.

And we can now offer products and services to whoever needs it. With the addition of CardSmith, Blackboard can serve a broader and more diverse set of schools, including more K-12 districts, with flexible and unique credentialing and student ID technology. This holistic approach and completeness of vision is something no other company in the industry can offer.

I am very excited about this pairing. Both Blackboard and CardSmith are dedicated to providing innovative educational tools and services to support students, faculty, and staff. We have brought together two experienced organizations and teams with deep industry experience, a common vision, complementary technology, and compatible cultures.

Together, we have a wealth of talent and experience that is unmatched in the market and focused on one objective: to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and the institutions that serve them.

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