This year at Educause, we are sharing exciting plans around bringing our SafeAssign plagiarism prevention tool to Moodlerooms and Moodle in 2018. After successfully serving millions of Blackboard Learn users and hundreds of millions of documents for the last decade, it only makes sense for us to bring this tool to other LMS instructors and students across the globe. What does that mean for our Moodle users? Let’s take a look at what we’ve been doing in Learn lately and why we are so excited about branching out.

If you aren’t a Learn user and haven’t used SafeAssign yet, allow us to provide an introduction: SafeAssign provides students with the ability to check their work against a comprehensive index of other student papers and internet materials to see if there are similarities. This is important for a few reasons, with a big one being that SafeAssign helps remind students of the importance of citing their work and giving credit to the authors who originally crafted the ideas they are sourcing.

For the instructors specifically, assignments can be configured so that they are scanned through SafeAssign and output as aggregated results for deeper investigation. This doesn’t remove the important role that the instructor plays in the grading process, as it is still always up to them to decide the best course of action, but provides a deeper initial level of insight without any additional work on the instructor’s part.

Screenshot of the Originality Report

So, you’ve likely heard us talk about our integration into core workflows, updated originality report and the seamless integration with all of our Blackboard Learn Assignment features before now.  Those are all great things, but why should you care about these when it comes to using SafeAssign? In addition to these core components we just mentioned, we are also very excited about the following:

Easy to use flexibility

SafeAssign will bring a best in class user experience with exactly the information you need in a clean, understandable interface designed to minimize clutter and match what you’ve come to expect from modern Blackboard products.

Robust Infrastructure and content sources

Comparing user submissions with content from other students at their own school, from other schools, from academic and business journals and from the broader internet requires substantial processing power. Our track record with providing quality SafeAssign service and results to Learn customers speaks for itself. Bringing SafeAssign to Moodle and Moodlerooms provides Moodle clients with access to a truly SaaS product that offers proven stability in addition to industry leading security, encryption and data residency requirements.

Student transparency for student success

Instructors can choose to allow students to see the results of the Originality Reports and by doing so provide learning opportunities for understanding how to write and express themselves. From our perspective, it’s not just about plagiarism detection. We are passionate about improving the learning experience for the student and providing valuable tools that help them succeed. We see SafeAssign as an important tool in the student’s toolkit as they continue on their educational journey.

These are all big reasons why we are so excited to start offering SafeAssign to other systems beyond Blackboard Learn and continue to have a positive impact for schools, instructors and students. Maintaining academic integrity and learning to avoid plagiarism are important parts of providing quality educational experiences for all learners and ensuring institutional confidence. Through SafeAssign, we look forward to partnering with institutions to continue building on these principles.

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