The good that online learning is doing to increase access to higher education is a wonderful thing, but with it comes new challenges for maintaining academic integrity: how can institutions provide students with the convenience and flexibility of online courses without sacrificing the exam security necessary to maintain a quality online program?

In a recent report, “Managing Online Education 2013: Practices in Ensuring Quality,” WCET examines how institutions are grappling with this issue along with other quality-related questions with online learning.

Some of the highlights:

  • 79% of institutions surveyed have a policy on academic integrity for online learners
  • 41% use technologies (cameras, biometrics, challenge questions) to authenticate the identity of online learners for assessments; 36% do not
  • 40% identify proctoring sites for online learners at a distance

Blackboard Learn integrates with a number of solutions that can help maintain academic integrity in distance education. One of our newest examples is our integration with Kryterion, which enables instructors to deliver secure assessments within Blackboard Learn with browser lockdown technology, biometric authentication and online proctoring.

If you are part of the 60% of institutions not using proctoring for online learners at a distance, consider taking advantage of a free pilot of Kryterion Konnect within Blackboard Learn. Click here or visit for more information.

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