Learning analytics and data-driven decisions are among the top business trends impacting education in 2015. For many years, institutions have examined demographic and transcript data in order to understand how they can improve learner achievement.  With the increasing integration of academic technologies, institutions have begun analyzing the “digital exhaust” of learners to discover patterns, recurrences and actionable insights they can use to improve learner success. Additionally, learners have an increasing interest in this learning data as well, as they begin using this data to monitor their own performance.

Leveraging data to make smarter and better informed decisions is becoming the norm in the education technology, and analytics tools need to be accessible to all kind of organizations. That’s why today I am thrilled to share with you the news that we have enhanced our data capabilities through the acquisition of X-Ray Analytics, a research-based technology that will bring improved analytics capabilities to our teaching and learning solutions, beginning with our hosted open source platforms.

X-Ray Analytics provides deep insights on learner behavior and identifies trends at course, cross-course and institutional levels. It identifies at-risk students, analyzes and values their activities, enabling instructors to engage and remediate issues before it is too late. This technology is delivered in the cloud, just like our open source solutions, which makes it easy to deploy, delivers no-downtime updates, and provides the ultimate in performance.

At Blackboard, we have embarked on a new, fascinating journey to deliver on the cloud the best possible experience to learners. This includes providing instructors with cutting-edge tools so they can help students achieve success. Through the integration of X-Ray Analytics, we will go beyond just providing standard reporting or graphical tools: we will empower teachers with statistically based predictions on likely future behaviors and academic outcomes, enabling them to support students throughout the entire academic cycle.

But today’s news has also another meaning for us. It also shows our continued commitment to the open source community. Our open source customers have been asking for improved analytics capabilities: we listened and we are now providing this new exciting solution. It also reiterates the strategic importance of open source in Blackboard’s strategy and takes us a step further in bringing our learner-centric approach to reality, regardless of whether a learner uses Moodlerooms, Enterprise Moodle or Blackboard Learn.

More exciting news to come soon. Watch this space!

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