Does anyone else think of music when the seasons change?  This morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  With a daily routine that relies heavily on music, I turned to Pandora radio to see if I could quickly catch a listen to “Spring.”

I was instantly successful!

In addition to an immediate desire to be outside, I also remembered a time where Vivaldi proved to be an invaluable resource in my classroom.  While teaching English abroad several years back, I often turned to my limited music collection for inspiration in my efforts to enrich the learning experience of my students.  Fortunately, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons helped bridge the language barriers between teacher and a class full of nine-year-olds.

Reflecting back on those days trying to introduce new English words to fourth graders in a remote village, I thought about how I would plan the same lesson today. 

After doing a quick YouTube search for Vivaldi, I found this great video accompaniment from a 1998 film made in Venice featuring this excerpt of “Summer”:

With a rich resource like this at my fingertips, I’m certain my students and I could have engaged in deeper discussions of instruments, sound, architecture and geography.

I welcome you to share with me stories of how you have used music and video to engage your students and enhance your lessons.  I’m always looking for your stories, so please send them along to me at

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