Your professional college or university is already working hard to build
professional programs that attract students from all walks of life. Your institution may even be collecting data to measure students’ in-class performance and participation. But are you leveraging that data to monitor students who are at-risk of failing or dropping out?

Retaining at-risk students is one of the most critical ways your school can build a strong academic reputation and maintain a sustainable business. That’s why Blackboard has worked to develop RetentionPro, a combination of consulting services and solutions to help your school use data to track student performance and engage with students who need help reaching academic success. It all begins with an expert-led assessment of your institution, from customer service to academic quality, to find ways your school can strengthen the student experience.

RetentionPro helps identify strategies your school should prioritize and execute that will maximize the impact on retention based on your specific risk profile. A few examples include:

  • Engage on-the-go students with an institution-specific app that keeps them connected to the school and their peers
  • Motivate students to improve by showing compelling data about their peers and highlighting the steps they can take to succeed
  • Check in with online students so they stay engaged and on track to graduation.

If you’re interested in learning more about Blackboard’s RetentionPro for career colleges, read here or visit our Analytics page to learn about the difference data-informed decision can make for your school.

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