EesySoft Partnership Enhances User Support for Blackboard Learn


It’s no secret that when it comes to learning technology, faculty, staff, and students have high expectations of how they should be supported. Case in point: users increasingly want access to the information they need to solve issues on their own instead of spending time with a help-desk representative. And they are disappointed, and even frustrated, when that doesn’t happen.

All that is about to change. Blackboard has started a new partnership with EesySoft, an international cloud service that provides tools to improve users’ self-service experience and boost proficiency. By combining Blackboard’s IT Support capabilities with EesySoft’s engagement solutions, faculty, staff, and students can now have better support right at the time of need—live in the Blackboard Learn environment.

The Right Support at the Right Time

It starts by delivering tailored, relevant help information to users in the Blackboard Learn environment. For example, when a student encounters a problem, seeks out information, and is given support options that are geared instead toward an instructor, it affects the student’s desire to use the resources at hand because they don’t seem pertinent. This means valuable advice or solutions can be missed altogether.

EesySoft enables role-sensitive information to be provided contextually—that is, based on who a user is (e.g., staff, faculty, student) and where they are currently operating in the environment. Not only does this help users find the solutions they need, based on what they are doing at that moment, it enhances the Blackboard experience and boosts user satisfaction.

A Boon for Live Support, Too

Inevitably, there will be users with very specific questions who want to contact a support representative. Depending on the issue, that can be exactly the right course of action.

The most time-consuming part of live support help, however, is gathering information about the user and identifying exactly what the issue is. Typically, a support representative spends 60% of their time simply collecting this data, which, while necessary, slows the resolution process down significantly.

EesySoft provides much of this information to support reps as soon as a request starts. When a user utilizes the support form directly in the application, back-end data is automatically captured and forwarded, such as the user’s:

  • Personal information (name, email address, Blackboard ID);
  • Location in Blackboard at the time they sent the request; and
  • System information (OS, browser, screen size, cookie information)

By minimizing the time spent gathering information, support reps can accelerate issue resolution. In fact, the three layers of support that EesySoft provides reduce the time to resolution by up to 50% and reduce support requests overall.

Three layers of support diagram (pro-active, self service, and assisted)

The Benefits Are Significant

This three-layer process created by EesySoft and Blackboard’s Help Desk not only improves technology usage, but it reduces support costs and increases student and faculty satisfaction. What’s more:

  • Support requests are resolved 97% of the time before they get escalated.
  • Satisfaction rates exceed 98%, helping users become advocates for LMS support.
  • Faculty adoption increases thanks to reports that can target and track training initiatives.

But the biggest benefit to your institution? Enabling facility, staff, and students to get the most value out of your investment.

Curious to see how Blackboard’s IT Help Desk and EesySoft work in your environment and how it can all benefit you? You can see all the details live at our Innovations in Integrations webinar series on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 11:00 am EST. Just register today to reserve your spot.