By Mandy Eppley, Online Learning Consultant, Eastern Kentucky University

At Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) our Blackboard team wanted to demonstrate a non-traditional way of promoting our Web 2.0 features in our Blackboard implementation.  We created an innovative visual tool to complement the documentation that assists our users when navigating the new features.  We used ”real" EKU professors and students to portray how they would use the web 2.0 features in our Blackboard environment, including wikis, blogs, Facebook and Scholar.

When producing this video we depended upon input from many sources, to ensure it was entertaining and helpful to all of our users.  We worked with students, faculty and IT staff.

Some use Blackboard software heavily, including the Learning Objects Building Block features; others were lighter users, which gave us a broader perspective.  In the video, EKU professors and students depict how they interact with each feature.

Eku_scholarTo film this video we used a standard video camera on a tripod and recorded each "feature" demonstration twice, to ensure we had at least two samples of footage available to edit.  I used iMovie from iLife06 on my Mac laptop to edit the footage.  It took me approximately one week to get all of the footage under five minutes.  Finally, I purchased the license for the royalty free music.  YEAH!

We plan to show the video during our BbWorld ’08 presentation to demonstrate to the Blackboard community how we used a non-traditional method to show some of EKU’s use of Web 2.0 features.  The video is a fun way to entertain and engage our audience at EKU.  We will launch the video with our traditional Web 2.0 documentation sites so that all of our users at EKU can benefit from it, as well.  I also plan to show the video for our training about and promotion of our Web 2.0 features on EKU’s campus.

EKU’s session during BbWorld:

TITLE: "Web 2.0: Learn. Connect. Share."
WHEN: Wednesday, 7/16, 8:30 – 9:20 AM
WHERE: The Venetian, Lido 310

Cast of characters in our video and the photo above:

Instructor: Dr. Socorro Zaragoza
Blackboard: Mandy Eppley
Student: Malachi Francis
"Scholar": Dr. Gene Kleppinger
Student: Chris Adams
Photo by John Young

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