The concept of “doing more with less” continues to be more important today than in years past. So many schools and districts are struggling with budget cuts and looking for innovative ways to maximize their district funds. In light of this, I thought it was especially important to share all the resources I know of to help districts get the most for their money. 
Both the
Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Connect solutions can help you do just that. Baltimore City Public Schools have saved over $1.5 million per year by creating digital curriculum guides for the district’s 7,500 teachers. To learn more about how school districts are reducing costs while keeping a high quality of education and direction for their instructional programs, check out this whitepaper: 5 Ways for School Districts to Do More with Less.

In addition, last October, we announced eduviews, our K-12 Leadership series. Through thought-provoking and insightful issues papers, eduviews investigates key concerns affecting the K-12 community. Doing More With Less, examines how districts are discovering new and highly promising answers to their top priorities through learning management systems.


Another resource is the webinar: District Perspectives on Doing More with Less: A Client Panel. A Blackboard client panel discusses how districts are stretching their dollars without compromising teaching and learning.
Blackboard Connect can also help your district in these tough economic times. Read a
case study featuring a California school district describing how the Connect solutions automated attendance notification yielded an ADA increase in state funding.
If you’re wondering how this can work for your district, join us for an upcoming webinar,
Improving Attendance: How the Blackboard Connect Service Can Help Your School, on March 3rd and hear the unique ways school principals are using the Connect service to improve student attendance (and bring funding into their districts,) as well as demonstrate how they are having success with Blackboard Connect overall.
We understand how important it is to provide quality instruction and communication without spending a fortune (which is why we wanted to make sure you were aware of all the resources and tips we have collected over the years!)
P.S. – Blackboard can make your stimulus dollars work well into the future. Your investment today can enhance your professional development programs, improve the efficiency of your credit recovery initiatives, get started with a virtual school program, deliver blended learning to engage students in and out of the classroom and provide timely alert notifications.
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