K-12 leaders face daily challenges and opportunities from all education stakeholders:

  • Parents demand the highest level of academics for their child. 
  • Staff expect clear objectives.
  • The community at large, expects fiscal responsibility. 

Because of these growing demands, it is unrealistic for administrators, specifically superintendents, to be able to immediately solve every problem that lands on their desk. 

Through the course of our day-to-day work, we are seeing a number of superintendents take a proactive approach in their district to open the lines of communication between their staff, parents and community members to address common issues. These leaders are setting the tone for a positive education experience for all.

Blackboard Connect recently partnered with District Administration to lead a webinar about the importance of strategic leadership communication. We were delighted to have Dr. Barry Carroll, superintendent of Limestone CSD in Athens, AL , a long time client of AlertNow and Dr. Lisa Dana, superintendent of Danvers Public Schools in Massachusetts, a Blackboard Connect client, talk about using the tools in their communication arsenal–voice, e-mail, press, social media and mass communication–to establish a leadership voice in their communities.

Dr. Lisa Dana    Dr Carroll B

Listen and view the webinar to hear how Danvers parents kept up to date during their child’s field trip to Washington, DC and why some Limestone CSD students refer to their Superintendent as "Superman." The voice of the leader during times of uncertainty or question proves itself once again quite powerful.

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