The Training Officer’s Consortium is a non-profit organization for federal trainers and industry professional committed to improving the practice of human resources and training. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend their 2012 Annual Institute, which featured valuable presentations on strategies to improve professional education, especially in the federal government. Considering the numerous changes going on in the government workplace, from increased use of mobile devices to tightening budgetary restrictions, now is a more important time that ever for trainers to stay abreast with the latest knowledge in their field.

This year, representatives from our partners at The Graduate School presented “Engaging Federal Learners Using New Technologies” to share their insights on best practices for high-quality distance learning. Below are the slides from this presentation, which will be especially insightful for trainers who are looking to leverage innovative technologies to enhance or extend the distance learning experience within their agencies:

I especially enjoyed The Graduate School’s discussion of asynchronous engagement, which allows learners to connect with training material outside the classroom and at the point of need.  With asynchronous learning, trainers can set up networks on wikis, blogs, and even social media to help learners communicate with one another to share practical information, even if they are unable to take classes in the same physical location. I found the Annual Institute to be a valuable opportunity to learn specific best practices for federal agencies in today’s training environment, especially how technology can be leveraged for distance and asynchronous learning.  Be sure to visit the Training Officer’s Consortium website to learn more, and hopefully we’ll see you at the 2013 Annual Institute!

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