The DevCon planning committee is extremely excited to announce that John Sonmez is the keynote speaker for the Blackboard Developers Conference in Las Vegas, NV July 11-12, 2016.


John Sonmez, this year’s DevCon keynote speaker

Sonmez is best known for his blog, Here, John covers issues important to developers, provides tutorials on a range of subjects, and provides guidance on how developers can live well-rounded and better lives.

John began coding at age 10 and quickly developed into a talented programmer. In his professional role, he began to notice that many developers were excellent problem-solvers, but there was a tendency to over-complicate the solutions they implemented. From this, Simple Programmer was born.

As the blog began to grow, and the number of followers began to increase, John soon came to realize that his posts were helping coders develop their professional skills. He also realized there was more he could do to help programmers improve themselves. John began to cover topics to help these technical folks develop the skills necessary to live positive, well-rounded lives.

From this work, John published, “Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual.” The book is designed to be read both from cover-to-cover, but also as a reference manual. 71 short chapters cover individual topics and are followed by tips to implement the changes and strategies covered therein. So whether the reader is trying to build a personal brand, improve fitness and health, or develop quicker learning and comprehension skills, this book provides all of the tools and information necessary to become a complete well-rounded person and technical professional.

Thanks to the book and the blog, John was able to retire from his full-time developer position, and is now able to focus all his efforts on this endeavor. From podcasts, to public speaking engagements, consulting engagements to videos and blogs, Sonmez is dedicated to his cause: helping people improve their careers, and their quality of life.

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