Training in the traditional sense can often be lackluster. Employees and students must sit in a stale room for hours with no real interaction with one another. Blackboard believes it can virtually (and we do mean that literally) build a better learning experience while saving you money. Our online training solutions leverage technology in order to reach learners outside of the classroom format – wherever they may be.

Here are a few benefits from taking old-school training and moving them online with Blackboard Learn™:

  • Help reduce those exorbitant travel and administrative costs associated with traditional training.
  • Build communities among subject matter experts through web technologies.
  • Break geographical barriers between learners and their instructors – it’s as simple as a few clicks of the mouse!
  • Give learners the freedom to access course materials on their own schedule and from wherever they may be located.

These are just a few examples of how Blackboard helps its clientele transition away from the stuffy stigma of employee training and higher education. Learn more about how we aim to solve traditional training conundrum from our very own Ray Henderson by watching this short video.

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  • Claudia Vandermilt

    I love this idea, especially since I enjoy continued education courses and hold a full time job.

    It’s much nicer having a more flexible class schedule than having to drive across town immediately after work to sit in a class.

    Additionally, it’s simple to set up study dates with classmates nearby or share ideas online.

    I’m a big fan of online, non-traditional learning.

  • Jenn Riddle

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Claudia. Your experience demonstrates how online learning cost-savings benefit both the institution AND the student! And, of course, it’s always great to hear about another positive non-traditional learning experience!