We, at Blackboard, pride ourselves on developing solutions that go beyond formal training to embrace “teachable moments” and informal learning. Every so often we discover a really cool tool that complements our solutions, and Jambok is one of them. Simply put, Jambok lets people in your organization create and share knowledge by recording webcam video using or capturing their desktop, then posting it, along with documents, podcasts, or other media.  Employees anywhere within the organization can find and access it when looking for that information.

Furthermore, the tool allows users to rate and tag the information, as well as comment on it.  This helps others find the best, most relevant knowledge, and includes a feature that lets trainers or managers promote the best or most important knowledge to ensure it shows in search results. It also tracks who has viewed what content and how they interacted with it, to inform trainers about the quality of information and how it can be improved.

If, for example, an HR manager needed to let employees know how to access a certain benefit, she could simply record herself explaining the process and walking through the application or signup on her desktop, then share that video so any employee could access it. As employees view, tag, rate and comment on the video, she would learn any trouble spots in the application and common questions, and could revise the presentation to address those issues. Before long the presentation could help ensure that all employees have the information they need, without wasting time searching, emailing questions, and waiting for answers. Jambok’s executives are informal learning experts and powerhouses in the corporate learning world.

The CEO is Dr. Karie Willyerd, former Chief Learning Officer at Sun Microsystems, which won 30 prestigious industry awards in 2008-2009 and was named #1 in the world by the ASTD BEST awards under her leadership. The COO, Charles Beckham was the Chief Technology Officer for Sun Learning Services, responsible for architecting, building and operating the global learning and documentation technology infrastructure for Sun Learning Services and Sun’s strategic initiatives. Together they have built a tool that can help anyone expand informal learning opportunities in any organization. Whether you have been looking for tools to help enhance informal learning in your organization, or are just interested in any tool that can help simplify and advance corporate learning, we highly recommend that you take a look at Jambok.

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