An AP Psychology teacher faced a challenge common to many teachers find enough class time to cover all of the topics for the year while preparing for the competency-based end of course student assessment. But in the end, 25% more students passed the assessment than previous years. So how did she do it?

In the new eBook, entitled 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard, her innovative student assessment and test preparation methods are revealed. Student assessments can easily be integrated into blended learning through various tools.

Take a look at some examples of easy ways you can integrate student assessments into blended learning:

#1. Practice spelling tests

What parent would not welcome a way to automate spelling practice? For example, a first grade teacher can create practice spelling tests using the fill-in-the-blank question type by creating assessments students can take as many times as they like at school or at home.

#2. Reading checks

Teachers can have students complete short answer, essay, or multiple choice questions on their own to ensure they come to class prepared.

#3. Summative assessment

Teachers can create and deliver summative assessments such as chapter or unit tests. Digital student assessments save time with automated grading for objective questions and promote academic honesty with randomized questions, time limits, question at a time delivery, or drawing questions randomly from a question pool.

#4. Project-based learning

Teachers can use the assignment to collect and assess any type of digital project from their students. Students can use the Content Editor or submit any file types (such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Video or Audio Files) to their teacher.

Digital student assessments open up numerous possibilities for competency-based learning and immediate feedback when incorporated into blended learning. In addition to tests, Blackboard Classroom provides several options to accurately assess students, such as assignments, discussions, and more.

When it comes to competency-based learning, the blended classroom is the ideal setting to support student assessment and help you balance your time. Learn more about the possibilities that come with competency-based learning by downloading 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard today.

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