My colleagues at Blackboard and I recently completed the first phase of an online competency-based education (CBE) resource hub that curates the latest developments in this explosive field that has the potential to impact every aspect of a college or university. In fact, by its very nature, starting a CBE program has the potential to introduce change, ignite passion for learning in students and instructors, and reinforce a clear focus on learners.

Competency based education (CBE) is an alternative to the credit hour based system of credentialing. Student progress is based on demonstration of proficiency and/or mastery as measured through assessments and/or through application of credit for prior learning. To help institutions understand these opportunities, the site brings together in one place a comprehensive collection of CBE research from experts at Blackboard as well as other leaders in this field.

Our team of eight CBE experts averages more than 20 years in the higher education industry. Their accomplishments include the development of one of the first multi-institutional CBE programs in the nation, CBE research published in collaboration with organizations such as American Council on Education (ACE) and RAND, as well as service as a contributing editor for the Journal of Competency-based Education.

The Blackboard CBE Resource Hub is designed to help administrators, faculty, staff, policymakers, and other industry stakeholders better understand CBE by making curated content easily accessible in one central location. The hub is a collection of links to some of the most influential CBE research from organizations including the Competency-Based Education Network, Council of Adult and Experiential Learning and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Competency-based education is one of the most exciting areas of innovation, exploration, and experimentations in higher education right now. As our understanding of CBE grows, so does the amount of information and research that is scattered throughout the web. I’m thrilled to be in a position at Blackboard that enables me to help develop a curated single source of credible, research-based resources and scholarship as a service to the educational community.

To access the Blackboard CBE Resource Hub, visit

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