Effective communication between teachers, students, and parents enhances the possibilities of blended learning. When everyone has important information at their fingertips, students are more likely to succeed.

However, engaging parents and keeping students informed isn’t always easy. You need a solid communications plan and methods to keep the information flowing. This is where using the right classroom management software plays a critical role. The ebook titled 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard talks about four ways Blackboard helps teachers, schools and districts to maximize school-to-home communications:

#1. Automated Communications

Teachers can instantly become “super teachers” leveraging the power of Blackboard Classroom’s Personalized Learning Designer that boosts teacher productivity with automated, personalize communications at just the right time.

#2. Announcements

Teachers can post announcements to the class, even on-the go through the mobile app. Students can receive announcements via personalize push notifications.

#3. Calendar

When teachers set assessment due dates, assignments, tests, and quizzes, they automatically appear on the class calendar and link to the right content for easy assess so students can stay on track.

#4. Notifications

Teachers and schools can offer personalized push notifications so students never forget to study for a test or miss an assignment.

A successful blended learning environment relies on the home and classroom working together. When parents and families are involved in school-related activities, student engagement increases. Engaged families are vital to student achievement. That is why it is essential to get parents involved in their children’s academic lives with tools that connect them to the classroom.

Learn how you can build bridges to better communications using classroom management software. Download 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard today.

Download our eBook: 5 ways to blend with Blackboard

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