We all see how technology is now an inseparable part of education. What we don’t always see are effective ways to implement it.

Blackboard partner SlideShark does.

Thanks to SlideShark 3.0, a new, free iOS app, faculty can deliver PowerPoint presentations via iPads and other iOS devices.


The usual suspects are included: slide previews, timer controls, a notes display section. So are new features: broadcasting, real-time annotation. Like Blackboard, SlideShark is harnessing technology to build a better education experience.

This means that when you’re presenting to both an in-person and online class, you can invite attendees via email to view the presentation from within the app and with a simple click. You can even invite people once the presentation is in progress.

Additionally, presenters can highlight, draw, and erase on the presentation throughout the session—and save this work for future use.

A York College instructor reports, “SlideShark enables our faculty to become comfortable using iPads in the classroom as instructional tools. With SlideShark, they aren’t afraid of this new technology. They can…use [an] iPad for presenting to the students.”

Think back to the familiar refrain from the classic picture book The Little Engine That Could: “I think I can, I think I can…” The tech has changed but the advice is timeless: if you put your mind to something (in this case, using the SlideShark 3.0 app to jazz up classroom presentations), you’ll like the results.

To learn more, tune in on Tuesday, May 7th at 2pm (ET). We think you can.

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