As Sheryn mentioned in her recent blog post, we want to offer you tools that will help you drive adoption at your institution. You’ve asked us for more quick tutorials and now they are here – for free – through the On-Demand Learning Center.

The On-Demand Learning Center is a searchable catalogue of on-demand learning resources for Release 9.0 created by Blackboard Product Developers and the Dr. C’s to aid in end user training.  If you’re looking for resources to help you or other instructors understand and build a course, communicate and collaborate, or assess learners, you will find what you need at the On-Demand Learning Center.

There are over forty flash file videos (Quick Tutorials), “Getting Started Guides,” and “Effective Practices” studies available for clients at no cost!  Some topics include

  • Importing a Course Package
  • Adding Multimedia
  • Moderating Discussion Forums
  • Creating Notification and Alert Rules
  • Deploying Group Assignments

Checking Student Performance Dashboard

This resource is a direct response to client feedback, and we will continue to add to the library of resources with new releases of Project NG.  So, go to the center and give us your feedback!

If you’ve got questions about the On-Demand Learning Center, let us know.  Send us an email at

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