Part 1 of 3 – Charting the Path to SaaS and Learn Ultra: Three Higher Ed Institutions Tell their Story


It’s no secret that elevating the online teaching and learning experience is a serious undertaking. We recently sat down with leaders from a large public university system, a small private college, and a midsized public university to better understand the decisions that go into this process. While each had a unique point of view, they all agreed on one thing: transitioning to SaaS and Learn Ultra was foundational to their strategy. Watch their stories to learn about their experience migrating to SaaS, how their communities responded, and ultimately, how educators and learners are benefitting.

University of South Carolina

When describing the “Blackboard experience,” the University of South Carolina’s (U of SC) Chief Data Officer and Executive Director for Teaching and Learning Technologies Mike Kelly notes that “it’s all about the students.” So, when considering how to enhance the digital learning experience for students across U of SC’s eight-campus system, Kelly decided that moving to SaaS—and eventually adopting Learn Ultra—was the strategic choice. Watch this interview to learn how the University’s migration to SaaS minimized disruption through continuous delivery of updates, allowing educators and students to focus on what matters most—teaching and learning.

Dr. Mike Kelly serves as the Chief Data Officer (CDO) for the University of South Carolina. Working with senior university officials, the CDO promotes the value of data as a shared asset, advocates investments of resources, and manages personnel and processes that improve the quality, integrity, and availability of data. He helps ensure data is used for the betterment of academic programs, administrative services, operational efficiency, research, and student outcomes.