Having been in the LMS business since 2003, I’ve seen a lot of things that promise to change online education. Some worked well, others less. At the end of the day, education is about research and experimentation, and there’s nothing wrong with trying new approaches and concepts to meet that always important goal of improving education.

I believe though that learning analytics is different and will be a powerful force in changing the way we approach education. Why do I feel so strongly? First of all, data analytics has fundamentally changed many other industries from health care to logistics to retail, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. From the way we shop to which apps we put on our smart phone, there is little debate that analytics has changed our lives. This is only now starting to happen in education, but these other industries have shown what can be possible.

The second rationale is more intangible. An LMS, per se, doesn’t really “teach” anyone. Teachers teach students using great content; the LMS is a vehicle, it’s a (virtual) place where a teacher interacts with students and students interact among them. All these interactions carry extremely rich but unstructured information about student’s engagement, performance, knowledge of a subject, etc. When properly analyzed and systematized in an “edible” format, this information will be one of the most powerful tools teachers and learners have to improve their academic performances in and out of the LMS (and the classroom).

This is why I am so excited for next week’s launch of X-Ray Learning Analytics, our new, research-based, predictive analytics tool that connects to Moodle. This tool is constantly monitoring online and hybrid courses at multiple levels and, through advanced data analysis, helps teachers know what is happening with their students and enables them to take immediate action and support each single learner. From statistical analysis of activity to linguistic analysis of critical thinking in discussion forums, instructors get this information directly in their dashboard.

So, come join us next Monday for the launch of X-Ray Learning Analytics for Moodle.

Event details:

Let’s take one step forward in improving online education.

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