I’m excited to announce that I will soon be transitioning to the career colleges team here at Blackboard!  As I approach my third year with this company, I can’t wait to leverage my past experiences marketing to corporations to help expand our presence among professional colleges and universities. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for me because of the diversity of students served by the career college community.

Students at professional colleges and universities live life on the go, often holding full-time jobs or supporting a family while enrolled in classes.  In addition, the schools themselves are ahead of the game when it comes to IT, which will make it all the more interesting to follow what’s next in professional college education. I look forward to blogging on subjects of interest relating to what’s happening in the career college sector, and am especially eager to continue dialoguing with our online community.

If you have any outstanding questions for me or have suggestions for future posts, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Until then, get updates on what’s happening in the professional education sector by following me on Twitter at @AngelaGoldwoman or by checking out our career college tweets on @BlackboardProEd!

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