For-profit schools obviously play a large role in continuous learning. Capella University is one of these schools, and it excels at providing higher education in a portable, easy-to-access format. All of the school’s degrees are offered online – even for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Many RN’s (Registered Nurses) seek to advance their degrees and might not expect a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing to exist in an online setting.   But with the help of Blackboard Learn™, Capella U makes it possible.

Whether currently serving as an RN and looking to earn a BSN degree from an accredited school or a professional looking to make a career change, Capella U students now can meet their goals without ever having to step foot in the classroom. The RN-to-BSN program takes traditional learning needs and combines them with online technologies, creating the ultimate in career-relevant experience. Despite the economic downturn, the medical industry has proven yet again to be one of the most recession-proof options for professionals. So while a person is working a part-time, or even full-time job, they can also focus on a career shift into a steadier field such as nursing. As highlighted by Inside Higher Ed, here’s why Capella University stands out amongst for-profit schools:

  • Its 1,400 plus courses are nearly 100 percent online – even nursing!
  • Capella uses Blackboard Learn™ as its learning management system.
  • Last year, Capella awarded nearly 5,000 degrees.

Blackboard enables those who want to earn a degree the flexibility and simplicity that’s needed to turn educational dreams into professional, and ultimately monetary, realities.  Check out more Capella University outcomes here.

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