We all make decisions based on factual information.  We get factual information from research and data.  And when it comes to data on education technology, the numbers say a lot about the growing demand for technology in the classroom.

Recently, Blackboard partnered with Project Tomorrow to delve deeper into demands for online education.  The findings? More than two thirds of administrators and almost half of students in grades 6-12 (45 percent) and their parents (46 percent) voiced support for requiring high school students to take an online class in order to graduate.  And there’s more:

  • 84 percent of principals who endorse devices in the classroom believe they increase student engagement in learning
  • 87 percent of parents say that the effective implementation of technology within instruction is important to their child’s success (50 percent label it as “extremely important”).

So we were excited to see yet another study come out that supports these findings.   A recent survey from Dell on innovation in education found similar results.

  • 58 percent of teachers and 50 percent of parents believe schools are not meeting every technology need in the classroom.
  • 88 percent of respondents agree that technology helps prepare students for the jobs of the future.
  • More than 8 in 10 agree that technology makes learning easier, makes teachers more accessible and gives students a personalized learning experience.

While technology‘s effectiveness is only as good as how the teacher or student uses it, the time to start this digital education journey is now.  Educators –are you incorporating the technology students are using already into your classrooms?   How are you meeting the demands of tech-savvy students, in a way that positively impacts their learning and their future?

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