Project_ng My Blackboard colleague Dara recently posted about the beta programs we’re running in advance of our upcoming Release 9.0, and I just want to follow up here by inviting Blackboard Building Blocks and PowerLinks developers to join the process.

Many of these programs cater to the specific technical and testing needs of our developer community.  Hundreds of our clients and commercial partners have invested significant amounts of time developing plugins for our products that provide additional user functionality, extend the capabilities of our learning platform and integrate with other campus systems.

The beta programs are a great opportunity for Blackboard developers to test your Building Blocks with the new version of our software, enhance your plugins to leverage the Web 2.0 look and "feel" of Project NG, experiment with new developer capabilities and resolve any other outstanding issues that we may find arise.

We’ll be working with many clients and commercial partners during this program to ensure the transitions to releases resulting from Project NG are as smooth, timely and successful as possible.  And participants in the developer beta program are representative of the entire client community.

So, if you are not yet involved and are an avid developer who has invested significant time and energy developing Building Blocks at your institution, please email me.  We want to ensure that as many scenarios as possible are examined and covered as Blackboard and the developer community move forward together.

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