Building on the momentum following this year’s EDUCAUSE I thought it would be nice to give some love to our developer community, so I am proud to announce the availability of our new Blackboard plug-in for the Eclipse development platform. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time developers spend on setting up their development environment to build Blackboard Building Blocks.

If you’re a web application developer, chances are that you’ve heard of Eclipse. For the uninitiated, Eclipse is an open source software development environment that can be used to develop Blackboard Building Blocks.

Optimally configuring Eclipse for Building Block development used to be a tedious process that could cost novice developers considerable time. George Kroner, our technical lead for developer outreach, recently said that over the lifetime of a single project, “the total time saved with initial setup using our plug-in could be hours to days to assemble everything into a working package.”

To get started with the plug-in click here. Once there, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to install the plug-in. Once installed, you will see the option to create a new “Building Block Project” from the New Project Wizard.

This plug-in serves to reduce the barriers to entry novice Building Block developers often encounter when getting started with Building Block development. Blackboard has made a continual commitment to serving its development community and this is one way we are furthering that commitment.

If you have any questions regarding the installation or use of this plug-in, please feel free to contact me at Happy developing!

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