Blackboard and have joined forces to create the ultimate integration of sales and sales training! That’s right – today we announced the launch of a cloud-based learning management solution developed specifically for corporations focused on sales training and professional development called Blackboard Learn ™ for Sales.   After all, now that you’re managing your sales in the cloud, it’s only fitting that you provide your sales training and professional development there too.

Built on the cloud platform and available via’s AppExchange, this application gives sales reps, business partners, and service teams a single login to enroll and complete training courses on the award winning Blackboard Learn ™ platform but within the familiar Salesforce environment.

The average sales person spends several hours per day in Salesforce – but minimal hours each month on training.  So what if you could watch your sales team reach their full potential?  With dynamic and social learning directly within Salesforce, your team will WANT to engage and learn.

You want to see a positive impact on sales growth?  We’ve got it.

•    Certify reps on new products

•    Deliver training to geographically dispersed or traveling teams

•    Create targeted courses for underperforming reps

•    Track who has completed what courses and their level of achievement

•    Empower learners and new hires to track their own progress

•    Measure and report on success

Leader in Learning Meets the Leader in Sales. Know more, sell more.

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