Today, there is a seemingly infinite amount of information we can easily access and share online. However, today’s educators and course developers are still confined by numerous technical barriers that prevent them from sharing the resources needed to create modern education materials.

We’re hoping to change that.

Over the past year, more than seventy institutions have joined Blackboard to begin developing xpLor, a cloud-based learning object repository that will be the industry’s first to support multiple learning management systems (LMS). With the ability to work across LMS platforms, xpLor aims to make it easier for educators to manage and share rich content regardless of what system they are using or their institutional affiliation. xpLor would also make it easier for educators to collaborate in – or crowdsource – the development of course materials.

With xpLor, educators around the world will be able to:

  • Share rich content between systems inside the cloud without importing and exporting
  • Leverage a rich, global search engine that can find content shared globally or in specific channels integrated with your LMS
  • Choose how to copyright and share your materials and maintain those permissions no matter where those materials reside
  • Deliver assessments, discussions, and mixed-media objects seamlessly though a neutral interface

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our xpLor page here and find out how you can stay informed about this game-changing technology as it prepares to launch this summer.

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