Does Your School or District Need a Brand Audit?


Nowadays, the town a student lives in doesn’t necessarily dictate the school they go to. Geographic boundaries are all but extinct in a K-12 world where school choice is becoming the new reality. An emerging question among schools is, “How can we stand out from all the other public, private, virtual, charter, and homeschooling options?”

At the core of that new movement is branding. Signs with school names and mascots, school colors in the gymnasium, and a website with a tagline are not going to cut it. Branding is a constantly evolving strategy. You can’t ‘set it and forget it.’

The good news is, once you have a strong brand foundation in place, the majority of the upkeep includes analyzing your current strategies and adjusting as needed. To support you in this process, we created resources that can help you identify where your branding stands now and what direction to take it in next. Use the infographic below to follow your path to a better brand.