Brushing up on your teaching and learning strategies this summer? Grab your favorite summer beverage and join us as we recap some of our best K-12 Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) sessions from the past year. This webinar originally occurred on April 13th, 2015.

Are you considering how to adopt blended learning in your district or school? Blended learning veterans Dr. Carrie Jones, Principal of H.G. Hill School, and Tischann Nye, Instructional Designer for Online and Blended Learning at Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) have shared some of the factors that have contributed to their success.

It almost goes without saying, one of the first and most important factors for success is to make sure you have teacher buy-in. With that in mind, in 2014 MNPS rolled out the All-Star training program via Blackboard for 6,000 teachers. The training program included modules that teachers completed and allowed them to experience what a blended classroom felt like.

In the morning portion of the program teachers participated as students by completing assignments, taking tests, being graded and given feedback in real-time on the lesson. In the afternoon the teachers walked through the exact same material as the morning, but this time as a teacher.

Throughout the duration of this program, Dr. Jones and Nye conducted weekly meetings to gather feedback and determine any changes that needed to be made. That process has since evolved into ‘Target Tuesdays,’ full in-service days with professional development for teachers that focus on the blended classroom. The blended learning content was then aligned with the ISTE standards and the Common Core standards.

Ultimately, Dr. Jones and Nye shared six strategic goals they set for the blended learning program at H.G. Hill:

  1. Establish a consistent shared understanding of the models and environment of blended learning
  2. Implement with fidelity blended learning within all of the blended lead classrooms
  3. Build capacity among grade level leads and administration
  4. Increase blended learning implementation within the building with the four lead teachers
  5. Become a blended learning model demonstration schools for MNPS
  6. Sustain the implementation of blended learning at H.G. Hill

Watch the full video and discover how Dr. Carrie Jones and Tischann Nye’s experience can help you build a more successful blended learning program at your district or school:

Learn more about the blended learning pilot program at MNPS in the case study “Explore the Evolution of a Digital District.”

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