I recently had the opportunity to catch up with WorldatWork, a human resources association that provides professional development and education opportunities to more than 65,000 members and subscribers worldwide. WorldatWork began using Blackboard a year ago to deliver their comprehensive certification courses, so I was particularly interested to hear why they chose Blackboard and what impact our solutions have had thus far.

Q: What challenges were you facing prior to using Blackboard?

WorldatWork: Before we began using Blackboard, we had three main types of course delivery: classroom, self-study, and e-learning.  The main problem we faced was that the e-learning delivery was great for self-paced learning, but it lacked opportunities for one-on-one interaction with instructors and other students. In addition, face-to-face learning in a classroom was effective yet expensive due to the cost of travel. So we sought out a solution that would provide opportunities for networking and personal interaction, but with the efficiency and cost savings of e-learning.

Q: How have your participants responded to the Blackboard interface?

WorldatWork: Though our users weren’t directly asking for a solution like Blackboard, we believe it has given them the opportunity to bring together the benefits of self-study and e-learning that they enjoy. Learners are able to save money on travel while still getting high-quality courses needed for certification.  Our users have also reported that they appreciate the tutorials on how to navigate the Blackboard interface, as it teaches them how to get the most out of the tools Blackboard offers.

Q: What’s next? Are you planning to change or expand the ways you use Blackboard next year?

WorldatWork: Though we have continued to see the same high rates of certification completion at WorldatWork, it will be interesting to see if Blackboard helps improves those scores over a longer time period.  Plus, we are already enjoying how customizable and flexible Blackboard can be. Our clients appreciate that they can add personalized content to courses delivered through Blackboard and can even have a custom domain build for their learning portal.

The WorldatWork story is a great example of how companies can leverage robust learning platforms to bring down training costs while delivering high-quality corporate learning. If you’re interested in learning more about Blackboard’s corporate training solutions, check out our website or contact us here!

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