Last week in the United States, we celebrated National Customer Service Week.  While many of you have probably never heard of this, it is meant to recognize a commitment to service and customer loyalty while recognizing the importance of customer service throughout any organization.

Coincidentally, last week Blackboard announced the launch of our annual client satisfaction survey.  We view this annual survey as our most important tool for gathering feedback from our clients.  Your feedback gives us crucial information related to our performance over the past year and compares that performance to previous years.  More importantly, the survey gives our clients a say in the future plans for our business.

I hope that you can take the time to fill this survey out when you receive it by email.  If you have filled it out already, thank you for participating.  If you haven’t yet, a reminder message will be sent to you this week.  While we hope all our clients view their relationship with us positively, we realize there is always room for improvement.  I hope you will take a few minutes now and share your candid views about your experience working with Blackboard.

The survey will be available until Friday, October 24.

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