Though Blackboard is most often recognized as a provider of classroom learning solutions, did you know that we also offer educational institutions the tools they need for financial services? Through solutions such as BlackboardPay, career colleges and universities can streamline services from financial aid to payroll – all of which help to improve the student experience on and off campus.

Especially for institutions where a significant portion of students rely upon financial aid, BlackboardPay can effectively simplify the process of distributing ANY funds on a secure, user-friendly platform.  At professional universities, where adult learners oftentimes balance multiple financial commitments and working life, streamlining these processes ensures that students can easily manage their critical financial information on campus.

BlackboardPay gives your students and staff immediate access to their funds without having to wait for paper checks. When compared to other financial aid distribution products, BlackboardPay protects students by eliminating overdraft exposure, PIN debit fees, and even fees for checks that are lost, stolen, or damaged.  Additionally, this service eliminates many overdraft and check cashing fees, and makes it easier than ever for students and staff to access their funds at over 43,000 ATMs worldwide.

Due to these benefits to students and institutions, BlackboardPay earned the Best Government-Funded Prepaid Programs by the Paybefore Awards—the world’s most prestigious prepaid award.

Want to learn more? Here are just a few of the other ways BlackboardPay can improve financial services at your institution:


  • Offer 100% electronic disbursements—faster and more secure than checks or ACH (Automated Clearing House) direct deposit
  • Eliminate overdraft fees
  • Decrease demand for book or other short-term loans at start of a semester
  • Eliminate related trips to the Bursar’s Office and long lines
  • Provide a powerful and flexible banking alternative for students without bank accounts

Just like our learning delivery solutions, we believe tools like BlackboardPay can help institutions focus on delivering the best educational experience possible for their students. You can read more about BlackboardPay on our website, or by reviewing a BlackboardPay case study on Jones County Junior College.

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