Project NG
Blackboard has one of the most diverse user bases of any
application in use at institutions of learning worldwide.  From teachers and college students to
elementary school principals and parents, to system administrators and academic
leaders, to distance learners who log in from all over the world, the breadth
of the millions of users that log into Blackboard software each day is


Each of these groups can be broken out further into user
constituencies that want to use Blackboard software in the exact way they see
fit.  At the many conferences, meetings,
webinars and workshops we attend, Blackboarders are constantly listening to
your challenges, and your feedback has not fallen on deaf ears.

The Product Management team and I talk to all of these
different types of users, and one interesting perspective is that the diversity
of most of the needs all comes back to the Blackboard system administrators.  No matter what kind of school, the Blackboard administrators
are called upon to deliver technology solutions that match up with all of these
needs to their varied users.


What this tells us at Blackboard is that we must make the
system one that enables system administrators to deliver solutions that meet
needs of not just "the institution" (one size does not fit all), but
to the hundreds of different types of constituents at the institution.


That central challenge is something that we are focused on while
working on the new releases that will result from Project NG.  The solutions we are focused on enable an
institution to take control of the look and feel of their implementation, to
target information and to speak the language of their users.


In the coming days I’ll share a few examples of what the
team is working on in these areas: look and feel, targeting information, and
languages and translations.


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