Blackboard Trend Report: 7/13/2018


Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education? Here’s a recap of some of this week’s top education news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below.

Mixing & Matching Cal State Online Courses—Free
Inside Higher Ed
Many institutions allow residential students to dabble in online courses as they work through their schedule of face-to-face classes. The California State University System takes that offering one step further, presenting full-time students at all of the system’s 23 institutions with the option to enroll for free in one online course per semester at another Cal State institution.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Pearson Refocus Assessment Technology
…The company told EdScoop that it was refocusing its assessment technology from evaluating student input, or answers entered, to offering line-by-line feedback of a student’s entire solution process. The transition — which global head of product at Pearson, Tim Bozik, called a move from evaluating “what” a student’s answer is to “how” a student reached that answer — will involve implementing a new level of artificial intelligence into its product and service line.

A College Prices Its Online Programs 60% Less
Inside Higher Ed
Most institutions charge students the same or more for online programs than for face-to-face. Berklee has found success with a pricing model that favors online students.

How Do Institutions Select Student Success Technologies?
…To help institutions make more informed decisions when choosing which student success technologies to implement, we established a partnership with LISTedTech, a firm that measures technology implementations at higher education institutions by mining external data sources. While the data cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy rate, it does allow us to answer questions such as: Which segments are popular? What products are institutions implementing the most? And, what are the technology trends in higher education?

Access Woes Persist for Students of Lesser Means
Inside Higher Ed
While institutions have focused on enrolling more high school graduates and seeing them through to commencement, new federal data suggest that students from lower socioeconomic classes still have trouble with access to higher education. According to a report released Thursday by the Center for American Progress, major gaps still exist in enrollment between students from wealthy, well-educated families and their more impoverished peers.

Nonprofit University Buys For-Profit College For Its Tech Platform
A company called UniversityNow—which attracted more than $40 million in venture backing and ran an experimental for-profit college—has been sold to the nonprofit National University system, which plans to use the company’s technology platform to deliver its online courses.