Blackboard Trend Report: 6/1/2018


Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education? Here’s a recap of some of this week’s top education news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below.

Education Secretary Ready to Overhaul Higher Education Law Through Regulation
New York Times
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, frustrated by stalled efforts in Congress to rewrite the federal law governing higher education law, is moving ahead with a plan to overhaul the system through her regulatory powers.

What 6 Colleges Learned About Improving Their Online Courses
Chronicle of Higher Education
…“Making Digital Learning Work: Success Strategies From Six Leading Universities and Community Colleges” wades into those waters with a study of three community colleges and three public research universities, all of which have at least 20,000 students, and enroll significant percentages of Pell-eligible students and students who take online classes. The authors crunched a lot of data to determine how digital technologies affect access, student outcomes, and return on investment.

Moody’s: Declining Enrollment Is Squeezing Tuition Revenue
Inside Higher Ed
Recently released data on declining college enrollments in the U.S. and constraints on tuition pricing will continue to suppress tuition revenue growth this year, according to Moody’s, the credit-rating agency.

Skepticism Is Higher Ed’s Biggest Challenge, Two Harvard Presidents Say
Education Dive
The greatest challenge facing higher education in the U.S. is “skepticism about the value of higher education,” and its “product: facts, sciences, knowledge [and] an educated citizenry that is not just narrowly trained but broadly educated,” said outgoing Harvard University president Drew Faust in a taped conversation with incoming president Lawrence Bacow.

With a Siri-Like Assistant, this Australian U. Wants to Rethink the Student Experience
…Since Deakin University has plenty of in-person students these days as well, officials want to reinvent the campus experience as well, by trying to blend education into busy lives. That has meant developing their own personal assistant for students, a bit like Siri or Alexa, that can remind you to do your homework. While such a tool may make sense for students needing to fit in studies amid work, family and life, it also raises thorny privacy issues.

Georgia State U. Made Its Graduation Rate Jump. How?
Chronicle of Higher Education
As part of our research, we looked at how Georgia State University used big data and analytics as a springboard into rethinking undergraduate education, with remarkable results.

Colleges Face Increasing Number of Students Seeking Learning Accommodations
Education Dive
The Wall Street Journal profiles the rise of college students declaring disabilities and requesting accommodations on campus, a figure which reaches as many as one in four on some elite campuses and is a growing factor in colleges’ efforts to provide extra time for examinations and physical space without distraction.