Blackboard Trend Report: 3/16/2018


Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education? Here’s a recap of some of this week’s top education news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below.

AGs Oppose PROSPER Act Over Ban on State Oversight of Loan Servicers
Inside Higher Ed
A bipartisan group of 30 attorneys general signed on to a letter Thursday opposing House legislation to reauthorize the Higher Education Act over a provision that would bar states from regulating student loan servicers.

House Passes STOP School Violence Act
ABC News
…The bill authorizes $50 million per year for grants administered by the Department of Justice to fund training and other initiatives intended to enhance school safety, and $25 million annually for physical improvements such as metal detectors, stronger locks, and emergency notification and response technologies for schools to notify law enforcement of emergencies.

Repaying More Aid When Students Drop Out
Inside Higher Ed
…Republican authors of the PROSPER Act, as the bill is dubbed, described the overhaul of aid repayments as a risk-sharing measure that would compel colleges to produce better outcomes. Critics of the GOP approach said the proposal identifies a real problem while offering a solution that’s even more troublesome.

Overcoming Faculty Resistance—or Not
Inside Higher Ed
…Every institution has a subset of instructors who feel like they’re not interested in or capable of using digital tools to change how they teach. We consulted some online learning leaders and experts about the most productive ways to respond to sentiments like the one in that piece.

A Sector in Flux: How For-Profit Higher Ed Has Shifted
Chronicle of Higher Education
Bridgepoint Education’s decision on Tuesday to spin off its Ashford University brand has already rankled critics of the company specifically, and of the for-profit sector in general. But the move is just the latest in an industry seeking to reorganize and rebrand itself after years of aggressive government oversight, financial problems, and scathing press coverage.

What Presidents Think About Digital Learning
Inside Higher Ed
…But the study also examined several elements of the changing instructional landscape in higher education, with questions related to open educational resources, enrollments of online students and presidents’ preparation for dealing with digital learning issues.