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GOP Seeks to Shift Accountability for Colleges
Inside Higher Ed
Education groups scrambled Friday to dissect a massive bill from Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to reauthorize the federal law that governs higher education, with proposals that have serious implications for how students pay for their degrees and how colleges are evaluated.

Passage of Senate Tax-Reform Bill Leaves Colleges Scrambling
Chronicle of Higher Education
College leaders are bracing for major changes to the nation’s tax code that could weaken their financial footing by undermining charitable giving and placing new tax burdens on institutions with valuable endowments.

DeVry Under New Ownership
Inside Higher Ed
Adtalem Global Education, the company that owns DeVry University, announced Monday that ownership of the for-profit institution would transfer to Cogswell Education LLC. The transfer deal also includes Keller Graduate School of Management. The agreement would still need federal and accreditor approval before being finalized.

U.S. Graduation Rate Hits New All-Time High, With Gains in All Student Groups
Education Week
The national high school graduation rate has risen to a new all-time high: 84 percent, the fifth straight year of increases, according to data published by the federal government today.

Now on Oracle’s Campus, a $43 Million Public High School
New York Times
Tech companies ship all kinds of products to public schools: laptops, online writing programs, learn-to-code lessons and more. Now Oracle, the business software services giant, is trying the opposite tack: bringing a public charter school to the company.

Moody’s Downgrades Higher Education’s Outlook
Inside Higher Ed
Citing uncertainty over federal policies as a contributing factor, Moody’s on Tuesday downgraded its financial outlook for higher education to negative from stable. The credit ratings agency predicted that the growth of the industry’s expenses will outpace revenue growth for the next 12-18 months, with public universities in particular facing money woes.

Without Net Neutrality, How Would Internet Companies Treat K-12 Districts?
Education Week
One of the main fears that school officials have about curtailing “net neutrality” is that internet service companies will have new powers to throttle or block the flow of online content that serves as academic lifeblood for many districts. But gauging whether those worries are justified or overblown requires a lot of speculation about industry behavior, and how it would apply to schools.

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