Looking to learn more about what’s trending in education? Here’s a recap of this week’s top education news. Let us know what you think about this week’s news in the comments below.

Statewide and Online Only in California
Inside Higher Ed
More than two million Californians have attended college but don’t have a degree, which is a problem the state’s two-year system is trying to help solve with a new statewide, online-only college. Today the system will submit three options for the college to its Board of Governors.

Partnering for Transfer
Inside Higher Ed
After a few years of development, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system has unveiled four transfer pathways to better help students transition within any of the system’s 30 two-year institutions and seven public universities.

An IT Accessibility Watchdog?
Inside Higher Ed
Failure to provide accessible technologies for learners with disabilities can have serious consequences for universities. Many institutions have been sued in recent years for noncompliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, ratcheting up pressure around accessibility issues. As a result, some universities are thinking about how they might work together to test the technology they buy and make sure it is accessible to all.

Reconciling two tax reform plans
By Christmas, Republican lawmakers hope to have President Donald Trump’s signature on a proposal to overhaul the U.S. tax code. One of many hurdles will be reconciling the House and Senate plans, which bear significant differences when it comes to education issues.

Cengage OpenNow: Big news on the OER front hiding in plain sight
In the week prior to the OpenEd conference, Cengage Learning made a fairly big announcement with OpenNow, a “suite of digital products for general education courses with open educational resources (OER) content”. In an article from Inside Higher Education, I noted that this news was not out of the blue.

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