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Post-Recession Borrowers Struggle to Repay Loans
Inside Higher Ed
In addition to the rising price of college, multiple factors may have contributed to changing profile of student loan repayment. Students who entered college in 2003 would have graduated or left college around the time the U.S. entered the Great Recession. Changes in federal policy also have made options like income-driven repayment more popular.

Do millennials think college is worth the cost?
…The focus of the latest survey covers education, including how much millennials value college, how well they think our K-12 system prepares us for the workforce and how they think the education system can be improved.

‘Biggest-Ever Free College’ Program Reaches 6 Percent Of New York Students
…Six months later, the first numbers are out. This year, 22,000 students will be receiving the scholarship. That’s fewer than 6 percent of nearly 400,000 full-time in-state SUNY and CUNY students.

Study: For-profits to blame for most student debt defaults
Associated Press
Students who attended for-profit colleges were twice as likely or more to default on their loans than students who attended public schools, according to a federal study published Thursday. The report by the National Center of Education Statistics looks at students who began their undergraduate education in 2003 and defaulted on at least one loan over the next 12 years.

The World’s Most Popular LMS Provider, Moodle Raises Money for the 1st Time
Moodle, the Australian company behind learning management system tools used across the world, has raised $6 million from Education For The Many, a subsidiary of the Leclerq family office, based in France. This is the first time that Moodle has raised outside capital. This investor will take a minority stake and a board seat on Moodle.

Ohio State, Apple Start Push in Digital Learning
Inside Higher Ed
Ohio State University and Apple on Wednesday announced a collaboration that will start a digital learning effort at the university that Apple and university officials said may represent the company’s most ambitious program in higher education. The university plans to start a series of efforts to promote student success, using tools from Apple.

Can Technology-Augmented Academic Advising Improve College Graduation Rates?
… At the EdSurge meetup in Oakland on September 27, four panelists pondered questions about changing those statistics, and whether technology-augmented academic advising can make a difference.

A Higher Ed Strategy From Apple?
Inside Higher E
…Joshua Kim, director of digital learning initiatives at Dartmouth College’s Center for the Advancement of Learning (who also blogs for Inside Higher Ed) described the partnership between Apple and Ohio State as “big news” that could represent a significant shift in Apple’s higher education strategy.

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