Blackboard has expanded its partnership with the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in an effort to provide today’s soldiers with the 21st-centrury training they need. TRADOC has selected Blackboard Learn 9.1 as its platform to educate more than 150,000 soldiers annually through its Lifelong Learning program, which keeps officers continuously enrolled in classes and provides the ability to pull course information directly into combat situations. This enhancement of the Army’s partnership with Blackboard seems to follow naturally from the Army ‘s Learning Concept for 2015, which lays out the Army’s plan to revamp its professional education methods.

The Learning Concept emphasizes the usage of blended and continuous learning environments to meet mission demands through customizable training- especially through online and mobile resources. “As we develop the Army’s soldiers and civilians it is essential we leverage training technology that gives the structure, speed and flexibility needed to keep troops at peak performance,” said Valerie Wilkinson, chief of the learning management support team at TRADOC. “With Blackboard Learn, training is agile enough for rapid responses, robust enough to accommodate our global reach and accessible enough to quickly engage learners regardless of where they are stationed.” For more information about Blackboard’s solutions for the military, please visit this page.

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