Army Man on Computer

Blackboard Takes U.S. Army Learning to the Cloud


One of the greatest challenges for today’s military is maintaining high levels of cybersecurity while also leveraging the latest online technologies. With the release of Federal Cloud Computing Initiative, for example, all government organizations—including the military—were tasked with adopting cloud computing strategies to reduce costs and increase internal collaboration without sacrificing security.

At Blackboard, we are excited to be playing an active role in helping the U.S. Army reach these cloud computing goals. As discussed in a recent DefenseNews article by Joe Gould, Blackboard is managing a pilot program to take some of the Army’s nonsensitive educational material to the cloud through this safe, mobile-friendly platform.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of Blackboard’s role this pilot program has been making Army learning more accessible, as the article states:

“You’re seeing more students bringing their own mobile devices to class, and they are used to accessing their class materials wherever they’re at, whether it’s a soccer game, the library or waiting for the bus,” said Lt. Col. Ben Ring, who leads the program at CGSC. “But when students came here, we were restricting them.”

The Army Distributed Learning Program is considering plans to place nonsensitive educational material for noncommissioned officers in a dot-com environment. It may also duplicate the CGSC effort at other institutions, like the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., and the Army Sergeants Major Academy at Fort Bliss, Texas, said Helen Remily, the ADLP capability manager.

“The bottom line is the Army’s training and education is no longer episodic at brick and mortar institutions. It’s a continuum of learning that occurs throughout an individual’s Army career, leveraging distributed learning technology,” Remily said.

Leading the way as an early-adopter into the cloud, the Army can spend less time with technical oversight of their server hardware and more valuable time on their “24/7 mission” from anywhere anytime. You can read the rest of Gould’s article “Army’s learning cloud means accessible class materials” by clicking here, and visit our website learn more about Blackboard’s military learning solutions.