Blackboard Supports Top 5 College Dining Programs


Food is crazy important to college students. From a hearty breakfast in the dining hall to kick off the day, to snacks in between classes, to the food court for dinner and, of course, late-night pizza, students have always had a thing for good food. Old buffet-line dining options have gone by the wayside in favor of food courts, food trucks, and more retail-style options across many campuses and the choices have become a thing at which to marvel.

The Daily Meal announced their list of the 75 Best Colleges for Food for 2018 Ranking. We want to congratulate the Top 5 College Dining Programs—Liberty University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pittsburgh, Duke University, and Columbia University—for their achievement. And we took particular note because they all share an important detail: they’re all Blackboard QuadPoint Point of Sale customers! We’re honored to support them in their efforts to create an exceptional dining experience for their students.

Today’s Gen Z college students expect campus dining purchases to be a quick and simple cashless campus experience because they don’t have time to fiddle around with change or multiple cards. That’s where Blackboard’s retail solutions come in – one of which is Blackboard QuadPoint. Blackboard QuadPoint provides scalable, easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) solutions designed for use in a wide range of retail and dining operations.

QuadPoint is designed specifically for the unique requirements of the educational community—providing flexibility and convenience for use in a wide range of dining operations. 

  • Registers: Our fully-configurable touchscreen menus and industry-leading credit card compliance are built from the ground up specifically for the campus marketplace.
  • Self-Service Kiosks: Strategically located, kiosks shorten lines and offer a convenient payment method for students. 
  • Mobile POS: All of the functions of a full-featured register are accessible via mobile device. All product and sales information is stored in a single database that is accessible anywhere.
  • Concessions: Our combination of web-based, mobile and field-tested hardware platforms helps institutions manage their operations with real-time data for inventory and sales.

Is your institution looking to upgrade your dining program for students and maybe landing on the Top 5 next year? Learn more about QuadPoint at