Blackboard gets a lot of attention for the ways K-12 and higher education are embracing our interactive learning platform.  But don’t forget that Blackboard technology is often used in a professional learning environment too!   We want to get back to basics to share some of the most common ways that professionals are using Blackboard technologies and why —

Top uses for Blackboard solutions in Professional Education:

  • Sales Training
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Skills Development
  • Leadership Training

Top reasons for choosing Blackboard solutions:

  • Goes beyond formal training to embrace “teachable moments” and “informal learning”
  • Compliments highly structured forms of instruction
  • Encourages free flow of knowledge and ideas
  • Incorporates the latest in modern, social learning
  • Improves learner engagement for deeper learning

For more basics about Blackboard ProEd, visit us here – and read this White Paper titled “Disappointed with Formal Training?

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