This month marks three years since we acquired Moodlerooms and NetSpot. To celebrate the occasion, I thought I would take some time to reflect on our activity in the Moodle and open source community and our commitment to open education.

Let me start off by simply saying that openness and interoperability are key elements to the Blackboard business model. This is especially true as online ecosystems expand to meet the demands of post-traditional learners and faculty. Students and teachers want to work collaboratively across institutions in an effort to generate the best learning outcomes. Providing open tools is a critical element to how we build solutions that meet these needs.

Moodlerooms and NetSpot, both healthy and growing businesses, have given us a way to do just that. Through an offering that simplifies and enhances the basic Moodle LMS, we have been able to help more than three million students and more than 800 schools be successful in meeting their unique needs and goals. This is directly aligned with our overall mission to reimagine education and offer solutions that change the way education is delivered and experienced.

I am very proud of the work we have done through Moodlerooms and NetSpot – from some of the largest universities in Australia, to small corporate training customers in North America and Europe. Our commitment to open education and supporting the open source community has continued on as we promised it would three short years ago, through hard work and aggressive investments.

Why? Because we believe it is important to play an active role in this industry, and not simply be a vendor. We serve the entire Moodle community and will continue to contribute funds, code and technology innovations, including accessible forums, the Moodle Outcomes system and numerous bug fixes.

We will also continue to build buzz and excitement about Moodlerooms through ongoing and substantive engagement. In 2014 alone, we hosted, sponsored or attended 14 Moodle Moots all over the world and started partnerships with institutions in Finland, France, Australia, England, Mexico, and Colombia, just to name a few. Expect more moving forward.

I also want to be more open and transparent about the work we are doing to make education more open. While we recently published a blog that gave some details on what we have done and the direction we are going, one blog is not enough. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be diving a bit deeper into the areas I covered in that blog to make sure we keep the conversation going.  Check back here for more.

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